Second Family Records Netlabel

[SFR020] VV.AA. – Lexicon Of The Middle Age


Second Family Records presents its 20th release celebrating The Netlabel Day. It’s an eclectic compilation of previously unreleased experimental music from Klaverna, Lady Vallens and Onussen.


1. Onussen – Charlatan

2. Klaverna – Ankore

3. Lady Vallens – Fibonacci

4. Onussen – Monday

5. Klaverna – YouOk

6. Lady Vallens – The Sealed Room


Onussen is not a project, is pure unproject. The music that comes out is the result of a cut-and-paste work of samples stolen hither and yon from a discography crossing all the genres.


Music since 2002: deep sounds – ambient drones – field recordings – ancient tribal techno rhythm – electroacoustic trance – noise ecstatic – depth groove – music for film – sound for art installation

Lady Vallens

Electronic sounds, drum machines and baritone distorted guitars combined with dark dronings

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Released on 14 July 2015

[SFR019] Alejandro Remeseiro – Soundscapes from R’lyeh

Alejandro Remeseiro is on Second Family Records Netlabel once again with a special release in which, this time, he traces minimal nuances in the aesthetics of microsounds. The trajectories develop in  the darkest landscape full of drones and rumbligs connected to modularity, swings and smooth fragmented pulses. A great comeback.

This work is inspired by the fictional lost city of R’lyeh that first appeared in the H. P. Lovecraft short story “The Call of Cthulhu”.

According to Lovecraft’s short story, R’lyeh is a sunken city in the South Pacific and the prison of the entity called Cthulhu.

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” means “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” It is often shortened to, “Cthulhu fhtagn,” which loosely translates to, “Cthulhu waits,” or “cdreams.”

Here are the sounds of R’lyeh, the house of Cthulhu under the big ocean.

Is he just a myth? Will he awake from his eternal dream?


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Released on 17 February 2015

[SFR018] Frankie Bellani, Mario Bianco and TauCeti – Frozen Drones From Underworld


A drowning drone in four parts:

  • Emergence
  • Recurrence
  • Repentance
  • Quiescence

Frankie Bellani: MiniBrute, Nord Stage, Space, French Connection
Mario Bianco: DPO, Echophon, Phonogene, Maths, Wogglebug, Moisturizer, Time Machine
TauCeti: Grp A4, MiniBrute, Cathedral, Hazarai, Flashback, Hall Of Fame, Onyx

Recorded Live at BarakaBistrot – Rome – in December 19, 2013
No computers were harmed during recording and editing of this album

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Released on 05 May 2014

[SFR017] Bengalfuel – Coss


Recorded at The Snake Cave. Photo by P.C.

Bengalfuel’s debut on Second Family Records named “Coss” develops in the womb of a wonderful soundscape in which reigns a sort of rhythmic inertia and beats emerge from the tracks’ atmosphere. The cinematic quality of the approach and visionary music of Bengalfuel is encoded in an admirable balance of skills and melodic avant-garde experimentations.

Bengalfuel is the audio/visual project of Joe LiTrenta and Lou DiBenedetto. They have released ambient electronic music on labels such as Hibernate Recordings, Resting Bell and Twice Removed Records as well as many self-released digital EP’s and LP’s, with accompanying music videos.

Download .zip full album

Released on 25 April 2014

[SFR016] Alejandro Remeseiro – La Vita Esilarante Di Un Uomo Di Nome Matti Meikäläinen


This album is a story, a sound story. It talks about a man: A Finnish postman named Matti. He lives in a small house in a suburb of a city called Turku. In the year 2002 he attended to his sister’s wedding, and decided to dance with a blonde girl after drink a glass of vodka. That was the most exciting thing that has never happened in Matti’s life.

He is quiet, a good citizen, and not very talkative.

Matti love to collects buttons: All are the shame shaped model. Red buttons like the ones that (he thinks) you always can find on any uniform of an mediterranean schoolgirl. 

Sometimes Matti goes to the sauna, or to the beach, but he never smiles. Matti do not know who Sisyphus was, neither Albert Camus: Matti has never thought about the idea of commiting suicide.

In very cold weather days, he stays at home, watching on TV old documentaries about surgery and the behaviour of extinct american pigeons. 

Sometimes when Matti feels a bit lonely, he like to eat a rye bun. Here is how the life of this anonymous man sounds like: A lovely portrait of the loneliness of someone that seems more like a ghost of nowhere, than just a human being.


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Released on 03 April 2014

[SFR015] Hayden Who – Manner


Manner is the debut album by Hayden Who.
His musical feel is extremely receptive, open and sophisticated and the concept of avant-garde comes enriched by contaminations that go from jazz music, to industrial and semi-improvised.

Download .zip full album

Released on 20 October 2012

[SFR014] Lady Vallens – Phemur


Phemur by Lady Vallens is the third album on Second Family Records a fluid, ecstatic dance that reflects their love of sound, psychedelia, noise, kraut-rock, electronica and everything in between.

Recorded at Bunker Studio (Rubiera – RE, Italy) July 2011

Mixed and produced by Lady Vallens

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Released on 15 July 2012

[SFR013] Drekka – Live In Senigallia


This is a Drekka live archive release part of an ongoing series of recordings. It’s an extraordinary document of a live performance recorded in 2010 at Gratisclub in Senigallia (Italy).

For more information and releases:

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Released on 15 January 2012

[SFR012] Zac Nelson – Domain Of Pure Speculation


Zac Nelson from Portland is an eclectic artist but most of all is a great multi-instrumentalist and after being involved in a bunch of different projects (Hexlove, Chll Pll, Trawler Bycatch) he brings us his latest work Domain Of Pure Speculation, composed, played and recorded by Zac Nelson himself in a couple of days. It is a wonderful mixture of synth pop, mutant psychedelia and
weird rock giving birth to a unique and personal style.

You can freely download / listen to some mp3 excerpts.

Download .zip

Released on 27 November 2011

[SFR011] Donato Epiro – After Dinner Black Out


Here’s a wonderful gift by friend Donato Epiro who donates to Second Family Records and his listeners his first previously released album.

After Dinner Black Out sits fairly well within that region which used to be called “musique concrète”, as it mixes acoustic and electronic instruments with found sounds.

Its abstract nature requires focus, further plays revealing carefully considered and structured movements with much use of the stereo spectrum, tone and dynamic within the percussion, synths, occasional voices and lots more. You could think of someone who’s about to pass out and sees life scenes flash before his eyes… No room for irrelevance, redundancy, and no room for needless repetition: each moment counts and adds as new spectrums arrive. No fear of making changes or destroying the image, and still, somehow, there’s a harmony, an easy collage-like give and take.

Composed and recorded by Donato Epiro

Previously released on Akoustic Disease Records (March 2007)

Download .zip full album

Released on 28 April 2011

[SFR010] Onussen – Dead In Italy


Onussen’s second full lenght on Second Family Records.

After Rectoverso another fantastic journey through a unique soundscape, a stylistic pastiche mirroring many different influences mixed together in a perfect recipe.

Music and production by Onussen

Cover art by Lorenzo Pierro

Download .zip full album

Released on 15 February 2011

[SFR009] Il Cristo Fluorescente – Brave New World


Inspired by Huxley’s masterpiece, Brave New World is the result of a bitter thinking about the days we are living. Human beings quickly turning into sterile survivals, in terrifyingly freaky things like a Chaplin’s “Modern Times” redirected by the most hallucinate Lars Von Trier.

Il Cristo Fluorescente, singer and bass player in post rock band Crimen, releases his first solo work, a dense and reverby wall of sound crafted with analog bass, synths, noises, drums, keys, violins, trumpets, loops, earsplitting sounds.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at headache headquarters by il cristo fluorescente (november and december 2010, january 2011).

All songs written and performed by il Cristo Fluorescente (voice, analog bass, synths, noises, drums, keys, violins, trumpets, loops, earsplitting sounds, stuff) except track 5 (words and vocals by Vector Oz, music by il Cristo Fluorescente) and track 3 (backing vocals by Vector Oz).

All images are a courtesy of Thierry Tillier ( except inner photograph by Eleonora “Little Sparrow” Trotta graphic

Project by il Cristo Fluorescente all samples taken from

Thanks to: AGFX Debroide, Connum, ingeos, Pooleside, Dondalfonso, digifishmusic, parabolix, Andrew Duke, suonho, HerbertBoland, CosmicD, EHR, m:o, morgantj, NoiseCollector and PlusMinusZero, whose samples compare in this album.

More bonus tracks for Brave New World on
and check them out.

Download .zip full album

Released on 17 January 2011

[SFR008] The Cadillac

00 The CADILLAC cover lofi

8th release on Second Family Records: Riccardo Biondetti (G.I.Joe, in Zaire, Cobra Experience) and Conte Nacchia (Bonora, Milkane) produced a couple of short noisy free form sonic attacks under the name of “the cadillac”. Listen to their engine roar.


Cadillac non é proprio un progetto, ma nemmeno un esperimento, più che altro si tratti di tentativo divenuto cammeo in un mare magnum di eredità famigliari. Le due tracce in questione possono risultare illeggibili all’interno delle evidenti influenze (a volte discrepanti) che accomunano Riccardo Biondetti (G.I.Joe, in Zaire, Cobra Experience) e Conte Nacchia (Bonora, Milkane), per via di un’intimità lasciva che si può appena percepire nel litigio tra costruzione e decostruzione data dalle circostanze, il più delle volte scomode, di una love story irrealizzabile. Cadillac, non è però un’opera che vive in balia del caso, ma piuttosto, che il caso lo crea e lo lascia libero per poi ospitarlo successivamente infreddolito nella sua casa offrendogli un piatto caldo di minestra e accoltellarlo alla schiena quando meno se lo aspetta. Almeno questo, che sia chiaro!

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Released on 05 January 2011

[SFR007] Lady Vallens – Noon EP


As a corollary to their previous double mirror LP, inspired by the theme of the double, comes the noon EP

It includes three previously released songs in a double and complementary version to the original and two short instrumental suites

If double mirror was material substance with baritone guitars giving shape to a dark and introspective sound with a noise rock complexion, noon is immaterial substance: electronic sounds following the path leading to kraut rock and kosmische music

Floware original version on TFN Nightstream Compilation on Notheen and Bezdna Radio Essentials 014 [BRE014] on Silent Flow Netlabel

Death Katana original version on Double Mirror (Second Family Records)

Hindu God original version on Double Mirror (Second Family Records)
Download .zip full album

Released on 05 July 2010

[SFR006] Lewitt [sp1] – Relation in Time

cover lewittsquared

Lewitt [sp1] – Relation in Time is a tribute to Marina Abramovic.
Lewitt [sp1] is an experimental laboratory referring to conceptual art. It’s a criticism to progress and  nonsense technology. Samples, field recordings, dictaphone, loop station, laptop…

Download .zip full album

Released on 15 February 2010

[SFR005] Weltraum – Sy


Assisting to a Weltraum performance is like being in the forefront, in a guerrilla warfare. You incessantly pass from breaking-through the barricades to the savannah’s tumultuous life, wholly done of metal and melancholy.

Giuseppe Esposito: guitar, prepared guitar, metals Luca Piciullo: drums, bells SEC_: synth, electronics, microphone

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2009 by SEC_ in his home studio in Naples, Italy.

Produced by Weltraum

Weltraum play and record music since 2003.
Their Traum/Trauma ep has been published by Lona Records in 2006.
In 2008 Weltraum became a trio (electronics, guitar, drums) and they have shifted their musical research towards rythmical blocks, prefering dry and sharp timbers. No melody, no meaning.

Download .zip full album

Released on 30 October 2009

[SFR004] Onussen – Rectoverso


Second Family Records brings to light the talent of onussen, an artist we strongly wanted on our netlabel and who further widens our musical selection

Rectoverso consists of glacial and strongly emotional melodies wrapped in an elegant electronic musical frame

der park – courtesy of atom numb

strange morning remix – courtesy of sanpo matsumoto

Download .zip full album

Released on 10 May 2009


[SFR003] Klaverna – Steroformio


Music for neverending film, deep impro electronic Jam

Download .zip full album

Released on 30 November 2008

[SFR002] Bonora – Nabucco Situation

14.coat of arms (cowboy)

Bonora is a freak noise trio

Download .zip full album

Released on 15 January 2009


 [SFR001] Lady Vallens – Double Mirror


Double Mirror by Lady Vallens consists of electronic sounds, drum machines and baritone distorted guitars combined with dark and obscure voices

Recorded at Bunker Studio (Rubiera – RE, Italy) July 2008

Mixed and produced by Lady Vallens

Edited and mastered by Andrea Rovacchi at Bunker Studio (Rubiera – RE, Italy)

Download .zip full album

Released on 30 November 2008