The idea of a netlabel developed from the need of a DIY process in managing our own music from the beginning to the end with all the pros and cons connected to that. We feel like those first post punk indie record labels that in the late '70 used to publish their low budget releases with no distribution and a "non-profit" philosophy at the base.

The difference nowadays is that you don't even need to print your records anymore and you can use the most powerful music distribution network ever: internet. Low budget (or no budget), non-profit philosophy and probably enthusiasm and passion are exactly the same.

Our music is our artists' music and it's everybody's music, Second Family Records Netlabel is just the way they've chosen to get to people and that hopefully will be chosen by people to get to them.

Second Family Records Netlabel likes recollecting dirty and dangerous musical slag: a mixture of kraut, industrial, minimal, noise, electrowave or whatever musical genres might be; any piece of music that deserves to be adopted by a (second) family that could take care of it.

In the digital era we want to start over from what our fathers wrote in their analogue language and enrich their musical intuitions with new sounds to be remembered by our sons.

All of this in a new and modern form of music distribution, rapid, free, within everybody’s reach.

All the music on this site can be freely downloaded and shared

Enjoy yourself !!!

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Second Family Records Netlabel