Weltraum - Sy

[SFR005] Weltraum - Sy is made of sharp sounds and majestic rhythms providing an extraordinary and overwhelming musical experience

Assisting to a Weltraum performance is like being in the forefront, in a guerrilla warfare.

You incessantly pass from breaking-through the barricades to the savannah's tumultuous life, wholly done of metal and melancholy.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2009 by SEC_ in his home studio in Naples, Italy.

Produced by Weltraum


1 Sy.1 5:31
2 Sy.2 6:28
3 Sy.3 4:37
4 Sy.4 7:57
5 Sy.5 4:41
6 Sy.6 4:11
7 Sy.7 3:14