Lady Vallens - Noon EP

As a corollary to their previous double mirror LP, inspired by the theme of the double, comes the noon EP

It includes three previously released songs in a double and complementary version to the original and two short instrumental suites

If double mirror was material substance with baritone guitars giving shape to a dark and introspective sound with a noise rock complexion, noon is immaterial substance: electronic sounds following the path leading to kraut rock and kosmische music

Floware original version on TFN Nightstream Compilation on Notheen and Bezdna Radio Essentials 014 [BRE014] on Silent Flow Netlabel

Death Katana original version on Double Mirror (Second Family Records)

Hindu God original version on Double Mirror (Second Family Records)


1 Afternoon 4:24
2 Floware (Boost Version) 4:21
3 Death Katana (Collapse Version) 3:55
4 Hindu God (God Version) 3:58
5 Noon 6:48