Il Cristo Fluorescente - Brave New World

Inspired by Huxley’s masterpiece, Brave New World is the result of a bitter thinking about the days we are living. Human beings quickly turning into sterile survivals, in terrifyingly freaky things like a Chaplin’s “Modern Times” redirected by the most hallucinate Lars Von Trier.

Il Cristo Fluorescente, singer and bass player in post rock band Crimen, releases his first solo work, a dense and reverby wall of sound crafted with analog bass, synths, noises, drums, keys, violins, trumpets, loops, earsplitting sounds.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at headache headquarters by il cristo fluorescente (november and december 2010, january 2011).

All songs written and performed by il Cristo Fluorescente (voice, analog bass, synths, noises, drums, keys, violins, trumpets, loops, earsplitting sounds, stuff) except track 5 (words and vocals by Vector Oz, music by il Cristo Fluorescente) and track 3 (backing vocals by Vector Oz).

All images are a courtesy of Thierry Tillier ( except inner photograph by Eleonora “Little Sparrow” Trotta graphic

Project by il Cristo Fluorescente all samples taken from

Thanks to: AGFX Debroide, Connum, ingeos, Pooleside, Dondalfonso, digifishmusic, parabolix, Andrew Duke, suonho, HerbertBoland, CosmicD, EHR, m:o, morgantj, NoiseCollector and PlusMinusZero, whose samples compare in this album.


1 D'Ya Remember The Good Ol' Days? 1:08
2 Linda Don't Cry 4:04
3 The Things You Couldn't Be 4:42
4 Bokanovsky 3:53
5 Brave New World 3:43
6 A.F. 632 2:33
7 I Can't Argue With Myself 4:54
8 Burning Regrets Like Faded Photographs 3:23
9 Distances (Something Like You In Rome And Her In San Francisco) 4:03
10 The Savage 5:02
11 Trademarks (You Should Try This) 3:51
12 The Stalker 4:03