Zac Nelson - Domain of Pure Speculation

Zac Nelson from Portland is an eclectic artist but most of all is a great multi-instrumentalist and after being involved in a bunch of different projects (Hexlove, Chll Pll, Trawler Bycatch) he brings us his latest work Domain Of Pure Speculation, composed, played and recorded by Zac Nelson himself in a couple of days. It is a wonderful mixture of synth pop, mutant psychedelia and weird rock giving birth to a unique and personal style.

You can freely download / listen to some mp3 excerpts.


1 The Scrutinizing Gaze Of Psychology
2 Enter The Cage Of Time
3 The Great Anguish Of Mortal Intellegence
4 The Supreme Farewell
5 The Walls Stood Back To Let Her Pass
6 Between The Rags Of A Cloud
7 Pass Over My Scalp
8 Teach Them To Read And They Revolt
9 What Is The Meaning Of This Storm
10 He Will Not Sleep In The Shade Of The Plane Trees