Hayden Who - Manner

Manner is the debut album by Hayden Who.

His musical feel is extremely receptive, open and sophisticated and the concept of avant-garde comes enriched by contaminations that go from jazz music, to industrial and semi-improvised.

Producer: H. Who Recording Engineer: H. Who Mixing & Mastering: H. Who, Quincy Ebanks Composers: H. Who, HuMaN eVoLuTiOn Alto saxophone: H. Who Piano & Organ: Quincy Ebanks Vocals: HuMaN eVoLuTiOn, Rosie Louise, Brett Byers-Lane Acoustic guitar: H. Who Bass guitar: H. Who Album art & design: H. Who, S. Mortson, H. Wilson


  1. Intro (Running) 01:35

  2. Glass Floors & Buzzing Flies 04:18

  3. Warrior 02:04

  4. Ghoustz 02:26

  5. Blatantly Rebellious 02:17

  6. Space Is Where You Can Be Lonesome 05:26

  7. What Used To Be The Love Creek 03:26

  8. Past Memoirs Of The People Without Voices 05:20

  9. Crystal Ceiling 03:53

  10. Liquid Gold 06:39

  11. The Grey Life 05:38

  12. Dancing 04:24