Alejandro Remeseiro - La Vita Esilarante Di Un Uomo Di Nome Matti Meikäläinen

This album is a story, a sound story. It talks about a man: A Finnish postman named Matti. He lives in a small house in a suburb of a city called Turku. In the year 2002 he attended to his sister’s wedding, and decided to dance with a blonde girl after drink a glass of vodka. That was the most exciting thing that has never happened in Matti’s life.

He is quiet, a good citizen, and not very talkative.

Matti love to collects buttons: All are the shame shaped model. Red buttons like the ones that (he thinks) you always can find on any uniform of an mediterranean schoolgirl.

Sometimes Matti goes to the sauna, or to the beach, but he never smiles. Matti do not know who Sisyphus was, neither Albert Camus: Matti has never thought about the idea of commiting suicide.

In very cold weather days, he stays at home, watching on TV old documentaries about surgery and the behaviour of extinct american pigeons.

Sometimes when Matti feels a bit lonely, he like to eat a rye bun. Here is how the life of this anonymous man sounds like: A lovely portrait of the loneliness of someone that seems more like a ghost of nowhere, than just a human being.


01 Sunnuntai 5:42
02 Ihanelma 8:24
03 Pyhäpäivä 4:45
04 Poste Restante 4:57
05 Ukkonen 4:08