Various Artists - Lexicon Of The Middle Age

Second Family Records presents its 20th release celebrating The Netlabel Day. It’s an eclectic compilation of previously unreleased experimental music from Klaverna, Lady Vallens and Onussen.

Onussen is not a project, is pure unproject. The music that comes out is the result of a cut-and-paste work of samples stolen hither and yon from a discography crossing all the genres.

Klaverna - music since 2002: deep sounds – ambient drones – field recordings – ancient tribal techno rhythm – electroacoustic trance – noise ecstatic – depth groove – music for film – sound for art installation

Lady Vallens - Electronic sounds, drum machines and baritone distorted guitars combined with dark dronings


  1. Onussen - Charlatan

  2. Klaverna - Ankore

  3. Lady Vallens - Fibonacci

  4. Onussen - Monday

  5. Klaverna - YouOk

  6. Lady Vallens - The Sealed Room